Dylan Jones


She’s gone all celestial

We’ve got a bit of a love/hate relationship with Paris Hilton. We laughed with her when she accidentally ate dog kibble on The Simple Life. We cried with her when she got chucked in prison for drinking a few too many pink Lambrinis, and crashing into a fire hydrant. We hated her when she started dating gobsmackingly beautiful male model River Viiperi, but that’s mostly because we all bitterly didn’t think she deserved him, and wished he was on all fours on our living room floors.

Now Paris has a new single out, Come Alive. It’s saccharine, mass-produced and a bit horrible. Sort of like her really. And that’s why we like it. She’s stuck to her guns, has our Paris. She’s knows she’s a bit crap and tacky, and she just kicks up those Louboutins and WORKS it.

Also, the music video is surprisingly savvy. It’s actually quite well produced and artfully shot [stop laughing!] and there isn’t a product-placed sports car, tanned torso, or Lil’ Wayne rap in sight. But there ARE unicorns and candyfloss clouds, obvs. Love it.

Words Dylan B Jones, @dylanbjones

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