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First sci-fi film to challenge gay stereotypes

IndieGogo funded film challenges portrayal of gay men.

The first sci-fi film to challenge the stereotypical portrayal of gay men needs your help. An IndieGogo campaign is hoping to raise the £6,000 budget to help finish the production.

The crowd sourcing website allows the public to provide funds towards projects they want to support. In return for supporting Credence, people are given perks, including being given a copy of the final film, Skype call the director and even visit the set!

Credence is the tragic story of a family torn apart during an evacuation of Earth after violent storms have made survival impossible. Other planets have been found to support human life, however due to limited space only children are allowed on the evacuation rockets. The landmark film follows two fathers decision to make the ultimate sacrifice: to give up their possessions and ensure the survival of their daughter.

No matter how far we’ve come in the past 30 years, Credence has pointed out that the majority Hollywood sci-fi films still stick with stereotypical portrayals of gay men.

Director Mike Buonaiuto has been the face behind several viral campaigns, including the Olympic campaign #LoveAlwaysWins and the UK Equal Marriage advert Homecoming.

Support the Credence IndieGogo campaign, here.

Watch the trailer below:

Words Harry Dean, @harrydeansays

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