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Picture special: Seven Germans and one Brazilian

Because of the World Cup, and all that...

If you’re not following the FIFA World Cup, Germany annihilated the Brazilian team in a 7-1 defeat in last nights semi-final match. Without provoking any of your locker room fantasies, here are the people that put their balls in the net…

11mins in and baby faced Thomas Muller was the first to score.

Miroslav Klose came shortly after at 23mins!

Blonde haired Toni Kroos dominated the match (24, 26mins).

He also wants us to meet Leon, no ball jokes necessary!

Midfielder Sami Khedira wasn’t shy about sticking one in at 29mins, here he is with team mate Sergio Amos.

André Schürrle showed us his ball skills first at 69mins.

And then again at 79mins

Finally Brazil’s Oscar Emboaba found the net, it only took him 90 minutes… at least he’s cute!

Words Harry Dean, @harrydeansays

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