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Listen: Wimbledon by Rich White Ladies


Stop everything! We’ve just found discovered THE tune of the summer. It’s nothing to do with Ellie Goulding and it doesn’t even feature Pitbull. It’s called Wimbledon and it’s by a band called Rich White Ladies, who aren’t white and probably aren’t that rich, but that’s the beauty of it!

As exhibited by London Men’s Fashion Week, Lily Allen, and the clientele of that Tesco opposite Liverpool Street Station, 2014 is all about irony. So put down that Pornstar Martini and stop smirking into your Balans burger.

Wimbledon is amazing. We don’t know why. It should be terrible. We’ve tried to delve into the socio-political implications and allegorical nuances of this song, but we’ve deduced that it’s just a song about playing tennis and being fierce, basically.

This theory is supported with lyrics such as “take it to the grass, bitch” and, our personal favourite, “serving face while I’m serving an ace”. They also rhyme “Martina Navratilova” with “champagne supernova”, which is nothing short of iconic.

In all seriousness though, it is a brilliantly absurd middle finger in the air to all that stiff-upper lip strawberries-and-cream nonsense. We like to think Kate Middleton will surreptitiously put it on her iPod and listen to it during a particularly dull afternoon at the courts, snapping her fingers and getting squiffy on a bit too much bubbly.

Words Dylan B Jones, @dylanbjones

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