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National Kissing Day: GT's top gay kisses from the telly

Pucker up! We’ve been digging through the archives to help spread the love...

International Kissing Day is right around the corner – it's on Sunday, people! – so here at GT we’ve been hard at work digging through the archives to bring you our nations best gay kisses from our TV soaps.

A new survey by the UK dating site found a staggering 37% haven’t passionately kissed their partner in a month or longer! Even worse is that four out of 10 people (44%) didn’t even want to kiss their partner more than once a week! Where has all the love gone people?

Along with these shocking statistics and Sunday almost upon us, we’ve complied a list of our top gay kisses from our TV soaps. So, without further ado, the top 6 are…

6. Neighbours, Chris Pappas and Aiden Foster (2012)

It wasn’t until just two years ago that the Australian soap we all love to watch (mainly for the amount of shirtless men) finally aired their first kiss between a gay couple, and it’s at a party, how cliché!

5. Eastenders, Johnny Carter and Danny Pennant (2013)

Twitter nearly died last winter when Johnny, the handsome son of Danny Dyer, suddenly locked lips with the equally good looking Danny Pennant. We were equally shocked and loved every single second!

4. Coronation Street, Todd Grimshaw and Nick Tilsley (2003)

It would take Corrie nearly 14 years after Eastenders to show the first kiss between two men on TV. Sadly for Todd it didn’t go as planned, but it’s one we just can’t forget!

3. Eastenders, Syed Masood and Christian Clarke (2009)

The kiss that would spark one of the most interesting gay storylines in recent history: This was a ranchy one against the fridge, ooh err! But it’s also the spark for a lengthy love affair, which we are more than happy to share!

2. Coronation Street, Todd Grimshaw and Marcus Dent (2014)

Todd’s back again just earlier this year with one of the more raunchy kisses we’ve seen from a soap yet! Shirtless and lustful, it ends with the pair moving upstairs for more! Hello boys!

1. Eastenders, Colin Russell and Guido Smith (1989)

Our number one, without doubt has to be where it all started. The first gay kiss between two men on primetime TV went to Eastenders. Not one to shy away from the topic, we take our hat off to the writers for this corker or a kiss!

We can't find it on YouTube though :(

Now go out there and give your partner a smooch eh?

Words Harry Dean, @harrydeansays

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