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Battle of divas: Miley V Lily

Who’s the biggest diva? We put the women head-to-head.

So you’ve heard the news too? Tounge-tastic Miley Cyrus is teaming up with our very own Lady Sheezus, aka Lily Allen, for a double dose of drama tour! Mind you, that’s not the actual name of the tour, Allen will be joining Cyrus as part of the Bangerz Tour in the US this August, after which Allen will be kicking off her own tour in North America.

In homage to these sassy stars, we’ve put together their biggest (and funniest) meltdown moments to decide who can be crowned the biggest diva. From Twitter fueds to mouthing off on stage, between them they’ve done it all.

Round one: Twitter

Nobody can forget the twitter spat between Miley and Sinead O’Connor after an open letter to the wrecking ball star told her to stop ‘pimping’ herself and that her behaviour is ‘NOT in ANY way an empowerment of yourself or other young women.’ Whoops!

Lily has also been a bit of a keyboard warrior in the past, her numerous fueds with the ever-confrontational (and ever-gay) Perez Hilton have left us all with something to talk about! After Hilton asked his followers to persuade Allen to cast him in a music video, Allen replied: “oh, I’m sorry, we’ve already cast the jealous and bitter lonely old queen role. Next time eh?” MEOW!

Result: round one goes to Lily and her brazen replies! Ding-ding!

Round two: On stage

Like many other celebs, Lily’s had her fair share of nip slips. But it was her recent performance at this years Glastonbury that had us reaching for the bucket. Halfway through her set she asked everyone: “Is my camel toe like, really prevalent?” YES IT IS. But she didn’t cover up, she powered through. At lease her hair was enough to distract us?

But how can we forget Miley’s unforgettable VMA performance though? She was really in the Thicke of it, wearing… not that much! I wonder if the foam finger was sold on eBay? Either way the world nearly imploded, but thankfully we all got over it and can laugh now.

Result: round two goes to Miley and her filthy foam finger! Ding?

Round three: F-Bomb

Like all celebs, dealing with paparazzi isn’t always the easiest thing. But upon leaving a doctors when asked ‘are you pregnant?’ the appropriate answer isn’t normally “No I’m fucking sick you bitch.” Overreaction much? Maybe, but it’s probably just the inner diva making it’s way past the cough syrup, we understand.

Lily has by far our favorite f-bomb moment when she tells Elton John to ‘fuck off,’ twice at the GQ awards. Normally we’d write something about how iconic Elton is, and how Allen had one too many, but the video is just so funny we’re letting you make your own commentary!

Round three goes to Allan and her slurry diva, camel toed, pink haired Twitter fueds. We salute your efforts Miley but you need to move aside, a real old school diva’s in town. If we had a trophy we’d give it to you lily but for now, know that in our hearts, you’re number one.

Words: Harry Dean @harrydeansays

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