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Picture Prezzo-ent: Jesse Metcalfe

Hollywood hottie lovin' him some Prezzo pizza

Hollywood hunk Jesse Metcalfe continues to look hot as. You'd never believe he's hitting on 36, which puts him pretty high on the DILF-dar (not an official chart).

Hello boys...

If anything, this hunk of burning love has got better with age. Like a good wine. Though much like a good wine, we'd seriously struggle to control our urges on a Monday night if Jesse were sat in the fridge. "Jesse, mate, get outta the fridge. It's time..."

But how does he do it? Well, word on the street says it's pizza. Oh hallelujah! Pizza and wine go so well together.

The former pretend gardener has been keeping trim even after piles of Prezzo pizza. He was spotted checking out the Italian restaurant chain's 200th store a few days ago – lapping up all their pizza-ery goodness. We've set aside the next 200 nights to to do a tour with him. It'd be like Around The World In 80 Days, but with more mozzarella and dribbling.

This begs the question: what pizza would Jesse be? Answers on a postcard. But we're saying Steak and Rocket. Cos seeing him get his chops around all that meat would send our pulse rocketing...

Consider the options on this list of things we would eat with Jesse or just check out your local Prezzo, y'know, to check if Jesse is inside...

Words: Benjamin Butterworth

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