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Demi Lovato really doesn't care

Demi Lovato got it on at LA Pride

Sporting a freshly shaved undercut, Demi teamed up with our very own Cher Lloyd in the video of her brand new single, Really Don’t Care.

“You don’t have to hate, ‘cos my Jesus loves all,” says Miss Lovato over the loudspeaker, to the greatly outnumbered group of protestors as the video begins.

Surrounded by a group of skin tight latex-loving dancers, and a few thousand fans, Demi gets down and dirty with the pride antics as the Really Don’t Care float joins the parade route.

Filmed earlier in the month at LA Pride, the video captures all the carefree, creative and colourful events taking place at the festival.

Complete with their very own twerking man in white briefs (at 0:40, you’re welcome) the video captures everyone with its free spirited attitude.

From the geeks, to the bears and the totally on point queens, everyone gets their debut in the video’s very own pink photo booth.

The former Disney princess revealed last week she is inspired by her grandfather who came out as gay over 50 years ago.

Cher Lloyd is the unexpected featuring artist rocking up, with her signature rap in tow.

Words: Harry Dean

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