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Mid-Week Shuffle

We put the GT iPod on shuffle to see what it has in store for us this week.

Q45 & Amy B – Naughty (Kissy Sell Out Remix)

Taking it back to 2007, here’s a great electro track remixed by Kissy Sell Out and featuring the rather fabulous Aussie-songstress Amy B. It’s gritty, it’s underrated, and most of all, it’s a great dance track.

Jennifer Lopez – Do It Well

Our iPod seems to like 2007 this week, but as long as it keeps serving up songs like this we don’t care. Who doesn’t love a bit of JLo? Especially in the days before Pitbull began to influence her sound…

Gwen Stefani – Cool

Easily Gwen’s best solo effort, and a full on pop banger. Summery, with a cheery yet not-so-cheery edge, the kind that only a song about being on good terms with an ex can have. It’s actually quite adorable.

Alex Gardner – I’m Not Mad

We’re not sure what ever became of Alex Gardner, he seemed promising, the husky voice, the synth-tinged pop, those eyes… Sorry, we got lost in them for a second. We’d gladly see the poor lad get a second chance.

Wale – Chillin ft. Lady Gaga

We’d almost forgotten this existed until now. Doesn’t Gaga look a bit lost? We’re not even sure why she features, but fair play to her, she’s the only reason the song is remotely catchy.

Words Nick Verrell, @nickverrell

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