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Review: Fashion Victim

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Fashion Victim is the new musical, currently playing a limited run at the Cinema Museum in Kennington, that attempts to portray the cut throat world of fashion. Leading lady Mimi (Rosie Glossop), stops at nothing to be the best by using her lover Cedric Chevalier (James Wilkinson) to gain fame.

Impressive vocals were heard from Rosie Glossop and James Wilkinson but the standout performance was by the Master of Cermonies, Jake Spangle, played by the charismatic Carl Mullaney, who's comic timing and killer vocals kept the show from becoming a victim itself.

The show, which runs at just over an hour, seems to have a slight identity crisis of its own, not quite knowing who it's target audience is. Hints of ABBA and Madness pop up in the energetic score, with a Wicked reference thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, the real flop of the night was the book, with some weak scenes, particularly between Mimi and PR lady Chloe (Aimee Barrett).

A few minor technical issues, like props falling apart and the worlds loudest smoke machine, were covered expertly by a cast who you can see have worked extremely hard to put this show on in a unique venue.

A camp romp into the fashion world, Fashion Victim's tongue is firmly in its cheek with cliched but funny performances. Go along to have a laugh, and to see some great six packs, but don't expect the next big hit.

GT gives it: 3/5

Fashion Victim The Musical runs at The Cinema Museum in Kennington until 6th July. For more information go to click here.

Words James Drury

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