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The Pugs of Westeros (yes, really)

Put your Game of Thrones marathon on paws and enjoy this adorable spoof…

You wouldn’t normally associate pugs with treachery and bloodletting, but this adorable new video sees three cute pooches appear in their own barking homage to the hit show.

In The Pugs of Westerns, Roxy, Blue, and Bono play canine versions of some of the show’s conniving characters, including a delightful cameo by King Joffrey (a phrase never uttered before).

The three pugs are owned by Phillip Lauer and his wife Sue, who have been dressing their dogs up as characters from cinema and TV since they were puppies. The pooches usually only feature in stills, but experience their majesty now in full HD video.


All four seasons of Game of Thrones (sadly minus the pugs) are available to buy now on blinkbox. Click here for more.

Words Philippa Peal

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