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Score a hat trick with World Cup pants

Check out some charitable trunks that are almost as hot as the weather in Brazil…

We hate to say it, but as you may have heard, England is already out of the World Cup. But we beg you not to bury your heads in the sand just yet.

The Cup may not have brought England sparkling victories but it has given us these very nice pants from Garçon Model and Brazilian organisation Grupo Ruas e Praças. Very hot. And charitable too.

All profits from the sale of these attractive trunks will be going to help support the hundreds of homeless children who live on the streets of Recife (one of the Cup’s host cities). These kids are exposed to drugs, gangs, prostitution, and violence every day, so life is tough for them. However they’re undaunted, and have plenty of talent and dreams that you can help to make come true.

So don’t despair. The England lads may not be coming home with a shiny trophy, but you can bag yourself some excellent underwear and help make a difference at the same time. Score!

Buy your Brazil Trunks and do your bit for homeless children by clicking here.

Words Philippa Peal

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