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Of Saints and Go-go Boys

An intimate and unflinching show which promises to cause a stir in London…

“In a hedonistic world decorated with cheap glamour, three outcasts search for a different kind of Sainthood through glorious self-destruction, glitter snorting and blood.”

These are the words which describe Of Saints and Go-go Boys, a new work choreographed by Joseph Mercier and performed by his company PanicLab. If you’re thinking it sounds weird, or intriguing, or just plain interesting then you’d probably be right.

The show is inspired by Our Lady of the Flowers, the debut novel by Jean Genet, which was published in 1943 and recounts one man’s journey through the Parisian underground, including his encounters with homosexuals, drag queens, and pimps. It was a provocative novel for its time, and the show promises to reflect that. Warnings scream that this is a show which contains explicit sexual content and nudity.

Of Saints and Go-go Boys invites the audience into an intimate studio space transformed into a small flat where they will encounter the three main characters of Genet’s novel in what is described as “an uncompromising and erotically charged descent into a world of misfits and sinners.”

The show was commissioned for last year’s Homotopia Festival, and now it’s coming to London so a new set of audiences can see this immersive and unflinching commentary on modern queer life.

It certainly promises to be an experience.

Of Saints and Go-go Boys will be at Toynbee Studios between 17 and 19 July. For more, visit

Words Philippa Peall

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