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Why Adore Delano is here to save gay pop music

We look at why an album from a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race should be an essential on your 2014 party playlist...

Enjoy our exclusive interview with Bianca Del Rio in the current issue of GT? Then you'll love our interview with Adore Delano in the next one... But until then, we look at just why an album from a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race should be an essential on your 2014 party playlist.

With the grand finale of another season of RuPaul’s Drag Race comes the inevitability of music from at least half of the contestants. But often when you say ‘music’, you really mean some campy shtick about frocks and wigs over a fairly generic dance beat. And that’s fair enough - many of the girls will be the first to admit they’re not singers.

That’s why Adore Delano, one of the top three Drag Racers from series six, is different. In his boy guise, Danny Noriega was previously a contestant on American Idol so releasing an album seems like a natural progression, much like fellow runner-up, Courtney Act, who released the fantastic Mean Gays recently. But while Courtney has, for her first post-Drag Race career, gone down the comedy route, Adore has taken a different path.

When she said she wanted to make drag mainstream, you could be forgiven for being a tiny bit cynical. Even the initial single, DTF, perhaps relied a little heavily on a sexual stereotype. But a few songs into her debut album, Till Death Do Us Party, you realise this isn’t playing to character, but more to her generation.

Adore does love to party. She’s 24. So a lot of the songs are about that (including, inevitably, the next single, Party). And looking messy. But it’s actually brilliant, and a lot better than many might expect it to be. That’s probably why it’s already become the most successful album to date by a Drag Race contestant. So what if it was only recorded over three days? It’s uplifting, it’s fun and at times - My Address Is Hollywood - lyrically brilliant. The second single, I Adore U, is streets ahead of most current chart hits. And if you don’t like it? Well Adore doesn’t care, as her duet with Alaska Thunderfuck will testify. It’s called I Look Fuckin Cool. And like Alaska’s recent solo offering, Your Makeup Is Terrible, it’s maddeningly addictive. And brilliant. And fuckin cool.

Hidden among everything new is a cover version, so cleverly chosen so as to not be too obvious, in the shape of Shannon’s Give Me Tonight, a 1984 disco track that last had a memorable outing on the Party Monster soundtrack. The party theme continues…

Hello I Love You travels that line towards comedy drag, but once again cleverly pulls it back and quickly manages to earworm itself into your brain, similarly with The Creeps - a song that’s surely crying out for an Elvira duet.

What does all of this mean? Why, it means that she’s only gone and done it. Adore Delano has made a mainstream drag album - something that arguably hadn’t happened since RuPaul’s Supermodel of the World in 1993, that is, until Ru herself blew that out of the water with this years Born Naked. But it’s even more than that - Adore has made a mainstream pop album. It’s certainly no worse than recent offerings from Britney, Katy and Kylie. In fact, many would argue it’s better…

Seriously, you need to own this album. Like, now. OK? Party.

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