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GT's X Factor Gold – warning, this is distracting

With this year’s X Factor auditions already underway, we take a look at some past wannabe’s efforts…

With 2014’s judges now announced, Simon, Cheryl, Mel B and Louis took to Manchester to begin the search for Britain’s next superstar.

Since we can’t wait for the show to hit our screens, we’ve put together a few of our favourite audition moments from the previous series’. Oh, and a word of warning, we aren’t picking the good ones.

The ‘Holistic Vocal Coach’

First of all let’s be clear, she’s not a number, she’s a human being. Ariel Burdett graced the judges with her unique performance back in 2008; rude doesn’t even being to cover it.

The woman who knew she would win… But didn’t

Holly Jervis sure had the confidence, the training, and the experience. She also had a giant mouth and one of the weirdest vocals we’ve ever heard. Cheryl’s face at 1:36 pretty much says it all…

The woman with her own cassette

It was good wasn’t it? Let’s face it. Rachel didn’t appreciate having a stick held above her head as she tottered about in her heels, clearly reckoning herself as a Pussycat Doll.

The man who worked in a chicken factory

Robert Unwin was hoping to get spotted for his vocal talents at his local karaoke, when that failed, the X Factor was all he had left. Unfortunately his rendition of Barbie Girl wasn’t quite up to the judges’ standards, if only he’d had more echo…

The woman who was already a star

Debbie Stevens knew how amazing she was, unfortunately Louis Walsh didn’t quite agree, and this didn’t go down too well with the disgruntled contestant. When she threatened to throw water over the judge, hilarity ensued…

The time a punch was thrown on stage

To be completely honest, someone had to do it. If Abbie didn’t throw the punch, we might have. The girls were so intolerable that it was almost unwatchable, like a car crash in slow motion, an irritating, tone-deaf, car crash.

When G&S didn’t stop believing

G&S, whose name stood for Gay & Straight, was formed of Peter, an unemployed volunteer for an LGBT charity, and Caroline, a manager at Burger King. The duo were not quite in sync, and although Caroline auditioned solo, you can hear the tweaking of her voice… Does anyone else remember the great Auto-tune controversy of the 2010 series?

The woman who wanted Mercy

Shirlena Johnson gave what was possibly the greatest audition the X Factor has ever seen. Well, the greatest bad audition anyway. Improvising her way through Duffy’s Mercy, having only listened to it the night before, Shirlena shocked the judges by being both terrible and totally captivating.

It seems important to mention that Shirlena Johnson went on to release a music video for a song titled Break 6 Chains, that can be downloaded from iTunes, in case you were interested…

Words Nick Verrell, @nickverrell

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