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Review: Rock the Ballet at London's Peacock Theatre

We checked out the latest show from the Bad Boys of Dance...

Rock the Ballet, the show that promises to be ‘the ultimate dance experience’, felt like a college showcase performance, missing the mark with its impressive but predictable choreography from principal dancer Adreinne Canterna.

Styles incorporated range from ballet to hip-hop, disco to freestyle with some break dancing and even a twerk or two thrown in. Throughout the performance the boys get to show off their gymnastic skills, a few too many times.

The lack of scenic elements really knocks this show down a few pegs. The only production values are some very bog standard projections at the back of the stage and the same old conventional lighting states. Even the soundtrack, which includes hits from Beyoncé, Coldplay, David Guetta, Maroon 5, LMFAO, isn’t done justice, with some poor editing causing a few songs to end abruptly just as the energy picks up, and others to end with an awkward fade out.

Canterna plays the blonde, extremely flexible, love interest of James Boyd’s hunky male lead. They get the best moves during their not so dramatic and flat love story. Throughout the first half, the Bad Boys of Dance were not in unison performing the clunky and sometimes cheesy moves, which became quite distracting.

However in act two, once they had lost their polo shirts – resulting in an abundance of abs on stage – the energy was amped up and they really felt like a tight group. But alas, the second half did descend into a hen night atmosphere with girls screaming as the boys posed and teased during LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It.

The two stand out numbers were Donny Hathaway's A Song For You in act one, which gave everyone their 15 seconds to shine, literally, with Blake Zelesnikar holding himself for what seemed an eternity in a very elegant but difficult pose. The second was David Guetta and Skylar Grey collaboration Shot Me Down, showing a romantic entanglement from the two principals, interlaced with the bare chested boys.

By the end of the show everyone was in good spirits, but we reckon this might've been due to the sculpted bodies and music, not the choreography itself.

GT gives Rock the Ballet three stars out of five.

Rock the Ballet runs at the Peacock Theatre in Portugal Street, near Aldwych, until 28 June. For more information or ticket details, click here.

Words James Drury, @jamesdpdrury

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