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Remember O-Town? They're back!

The Orlando heartthrobs are back in town

Remember O-Town? Yes? You know the ones, they sang about their liquid dream. A girl a bit like J-Lo. But also Janet Jackson. And don't forget Destiny's Child. OK, here's a refresher:

They were the original TV boy band, put together back in 2000 on US tele, and shown here in the UK on T4. You might notice they've dropped a guy since then, though – blonde Ashley wasn't up the reunion, so it's a foursome from here on in.

GT met the boys in their publicists London offices this morning, and we had a lot of catching up to do after all this time. It's fourteen years since their Liquid Dreams mega-hit topped the Billboard charts (oh, where does the time go?!) Their debut album shifted 1.7 million copies back in the day.

We had a full chat about everything that has changed over the years. So much chat. That will be in our next issue of GT out in a few weeks, so look out!

Our man Benjamin with the boys, in London today

Until the next mag, let us leave you with their new single (and it's great):

Words Benjamin Butterworth @benjaminbutter

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