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Sea, sun, sail and gay in Croatia

Introducing the Pink Armada exclusive gay yachting vacation!

There are many reasons a gay traveler would want to go to Croatia - its stunning coastline and lovely scenery is definitely one of the main ones. Whoever’s been to Croatia recounts tales about its gastronomic delights, gorgeous men, clean blue sea and friendly faces. All that is true, combined with the fact that the combination of a pleasant climate, beautiful nature and budget-friendly prices make Croatia a perfect holiday destination. These reasons alone are enough to inspire any traveler with wanderlust.

A traveller with a developed taste for a tailored experience and novelty yearns for something more. If you’re into truly exciting and exhilarating holidays, you’ll appreciate a variety of programmes that offer activities, relaxation, partying, beautiful scenery and the company of like-minded men from all over the world. To top it all, the possibility to customise this experience in the shape of stag parties, birthdays and whatever comes to mind, is something that is bound to appeal to a traveller who knows what he wants.

In the words Gay Cruise Croatia’s founder: “There just aren’t that many gay yachting tailored experiences in Croatia at the moment, and that’s where we come in to play. The Pink Armada programme, which is a seven-day gay party sailing trip, was the first one on the Croatian coast. We’re working towards creating varied, exclusive options for gay travellers who like sailing, now and in the future”. Focusing on party yachting, Pink Armada is an entirely different concept of a holiday. It gathers yachts that sail together in the Split archipelago, exploring the islands during the day and partying on yachts and island clubs at night.

There’s music and entertainment on the sailing yachts, which attracts party loving travellers, who want to have the freedom to do whatever they want, but be a part of a group at the same time. Our yachts accommodate six, eight and ten guests at the time. We provide you with a gay or gay friendly skipper and a host or a hostess to help you out with anything you need throughout your sailing adventure. Flotilla sailing offers you a chance to sail and socialise with other travellers, as well as to grab a dinghy and row away to explore on your own when you spot a secret bay you’d want to explore first hand. This is a truly fun and activity packed holiday for those who appreciate the finer things in life, and who are ready to chase their dreams wherever they may take them.

More information here: Gay Cruise Croatia

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