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Listen: Cary NoKey's B Who U R

The new single from the man who helped discover Lady Gaga...

Lady Gaga. We've all heard of her, right? Well, there's one chap who'd heard of her before anyone else... the chap who discovered her. Rob Fusari.

Despite what you've read in the press, Rob dated Gaga, and is credited as co-writing five songs – including the brilliant Paparazzi – and is down as the co-executive producer on her debut album The Fame. Oh, and he also happened to produce Destiny's Child's Bootylicious and No, No, No. So not a bad CV, really...

Well, the two-time Grammy Award winner is taking to the mic himself and fronting the new electronic dance music (that's EDM to the cool kids) group Cary NoKey.

Their debut single B Who U R is a proclamation of sorts, and sees Rob shed his old skin and reveal his true 'glam' nature – adopting a new musical personal, 8-Bit.

“Being who you are has nothing to do with clothing, hair, friends, money, or a job,” says Rob of the new single. “Its all a state of mind.”

“Today, I do not even recognize or want to be called Rob anymore,” he says. “I cringe whenever someone calls me by that name. I know it’s not an easy thing for people to accept but I can’t worry about other people. Like the song says, it’s important to be who you are.”

Given Rob's... sorry, 8-Bit's previous experiencing sporting worldwide talent, we don't think this will be the last we hear of him... Have a watch of the new video below.

Cary NoKey's B Who U R is available on iTunes now.

Words Ryan Butcher, @ryanjohnbutcher

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