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"They hurled rocks at me" - out gay Irish politician

Mayor Andrew Muir reveals homophobic attack in Northern Ireland

The most senior out gay politician in Northern Ireland has revealed he had rocks thrown at him during a pride event.

Andrew Muir, the mayor of North Downs, near Belfast, made the comments in an interview for the latest issue of GT. "I was walking with promotional material for the event," he told GT, "and an individual started hurling homophobic abuse and then rocks at me".

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK to still reject same-sex marriages, after a recent vote denied equality to its citizens for a third time. The nation has also been blighted by homophobic politicians making it into senior positions – the former First Minister's wife, Iris Robinson, infamously and persistently compared being gay to peadophilia.

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Marcus Collins and Robin Windsor feature on the new issue cover:

Words Benjamin Butterworth

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