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Get in shape with ActiVeman - the latest cutting edge sports nutrition product from Bio-Synergy.

With iconic design, cutting edge patent pending formulas and developed alongside three of the sexiest ‘active men’ in the business - James Cracknell (Olympic gold-medal holder and British rowing champion), Ben Shephard (TV presenter and endurance-eventer) and Reggie Yates (TV presenter/DJ and fitness enthusiast) ActiVeman is a science-backed complete range of six products for body and mind, which has been developed by Bio-Synergy, which has been at the forefront of the UK sports nutrition industry since 1997.

Designed exclusively for men, ActiVeman uses micro and macro nutrients to provide specific products for specific needs – perfect for every gay man whose desire is to get the best from his workout.

The ‘Power Up’ line-up includes Oatein, a blend of high quality oats and whey protein for a great start to the day, Vitamin for wellbeing, energy and healthy hair and skin, Thermolean with Copper, Green Coffee, Green Tea and Choline for weight management, energy and fat metabolism, Focus capsules for brain and heart health, Free Motion for joint health and recovery and Energy Charge, a low calorie, low sugar high performance energy drink packed with ingredients to improve performance.

James Cracknell OBE, British rowing champion and double Olympic gold medallist:

“I like the flexibility and diversity of the ActiVeman range. There’s the Oatein for slow release protein and muscle refuelling great for both kicking off the day with or as a snack. Whatever you need from energy, specific nutrition and even staying alert with the Focus capsules I know the range won't let me down. Put it to the test."

Ben Shephard, TV presenter and journalist:

“As a fitness enthusiast with a hectic lifestyle, ActiVeman provides me with the nutrition I need to keep me at 100% and performing my best”.

Reggie Yates, Presenter and Radio DJ:

“I know that have limited time to spend on my fitness and want to make the most of it, ActiVeman not only helps power up my workouts but provides a great foundation for my wellbeing too”.

Bio-Synergy founder Daniel Herman: “ActiVeman is ideal for those training twice per week or competing at the highest level, to get more out of their training or develop the physique that they have been working so hard for. With 10 million British men powering up in the nation’s gyms, preparing for marathons, triathlons and Tough Mudders, ActiVeman is the perfect range.”

ActiVeman: rely on us for the gym, the adventure, the goals, the energy, the ring and the gold.

More information: Bio-Synergy

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