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Exclusive: Watch the new episode of Steam Room Stories

Even hunks have insecurities...

Something to wet your appetite this Friday...

We often assume that fit and toned guys are comfortable with their bodies and with how they look. The latest episode of Steam Room Stories, however, disproves that theory.

Josh Wise, Chris Reid, John Suazo and Mattias Ramos discuss how Josh overly admires one of his steam room buddies.

The series which began in 2010 has been an internet sensation attracting 22.1 million views and over 53,000 subscribers and has certainly become a hit in the GT office. The comedy Sketches

Combining underlined humour and sexual innuendo, the latest episode light heartedly tackles the subject of insecurity with 90% laughs and 10% body fat.

To see the steamy hunks in just their towels check out their latest video below, exclusive to GT.

Words Ben Walker, @benjw94

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