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Review: Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise

"Funny and gripping – not something you get to say about many futuristic blockbusters..."

It’s the near-future, aliens are intent on taking over the world, and only Tom Cruise stands in their way. So far, so unlikely, in this action thriller from Doug Liman, the director of The Bourne Identity.

Cruise plays William Cage, a smooth-talking adman turned soldier who finds himself on the frontline of the combat zone without ever having trained for combat. After dying in the first five minutes of battle, Cage awakens at the army base, and realises that the day is repeating.

Managing to survive for slightly longer on each repeat, he meets Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), who had previously been stuck in a time loop of her own. For the next hour or so we see them live, die, repeat as they perfect their plan to win the battle and save the world.

There are some genuinely funny moments as they learn more about the situation and each other, and as Vrataski repeatedly kills Cage to restart the day. There’s some reliance on stereotypes in the platoon of misfits that Cage is assigned to, and in the tough talking army general, but Edge of Tomorrow manages to be funny, interesting and gripping – not something you get to say about too many futuristic blockbuster films, and its well worth going to see.

Words Carrie Sykes

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