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Men in heels make it to BGT Final

Dancing Trio Yanis Marshall, Arnaud and Medhi make it to BGT Final

On last night's third Britain’s Got Talent semi-final, the fab dancing trio headed by Yanis Marshall made it through to the final on Saturday 7th June, alongside opera singer Lucy Kay.

During the audition round Yanis said: “I get this question a lot, which is ‘why do I dance with heels?’ and the answer is always ‘Why not’?”

The group were sassy, camp and technically on the mark with their choreography and performance. The trio turned it up a notch from their initial audition, adding different elements and more flamboyant costumes. They preformed to a camp mix of songs including Bad Girls, Let’s Have a Kiki and Rolling on the River.

After the performance Simon Cowell said ‘“I think you are the cherry on top of the nuttiest show we have ever done on Britain’s Got Talent.” The show may have been full of variety last night yet the heeled dancing trio were sure went down well with the viewers winning second place form the public vote.

Some of us may have tried on our best girl friends heels, but can anyone dance in them like this:

Words Ben Walker, @benjwalker94

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