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Sam Smith talks of love for another man

Cue a whole lot of very excited guys…

Talking through what inspired his latest album In the Lonely Hour, Sam Smith has revealed to The Fader that, “In the Lonely Hour is about a guy that I fell in love with last year, and he didn’t love me back.”

He went on to add: “I just wanted to talk about him and have it out there. It’s about a guy and that’s what I wanted people to know - I want to be clear that that’s what it’s about.”

Sam seemed pretty comfortable in his approach to tackling the subject, and it just flowed in with conversation. Considering this is the first time he’s spoken publicly about his sexuality, Sam was confident in his approach, “I am comfortable with myself, and my life is amazing in that respect. I’m very comfortable and happy with everything.”

We’re glad that Sam feels at ease with himself, and we’re even more pleased that we now know the true meaning behind the songs on his spectacular debut album In the Lonely Hour, which loved by the way, check out our review here

Words Nick Verrell, @nickverrell

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