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Watch: Christianoshi – Trust

Like taking a time machine back to the 80s…

Christianoshi’s latest single Trust is infused with the slick synths and repetitive drum machines that dominated the era, and we can’t get enough.

Add to that a raw vocal, with eerie wails floating in the background, and you’ve got a modern electro-pop track that would have any modern day new romantic reminiscing about their younger years.

The accompanying music video gives the song a little extra depth. If we’re sticking with the 80s theme, think Frankie says Relax, but with less relaxing and more hardcore drug use.

It highlights the culture of “slamming parties” (the term “slamming” referring to injecting), known to a section of London’s gay community

The lyrics: “You’ve got to have trust, for what we’re about to do,” seem a little more relevant now, as the video shows off a host of half naked guys, dancing around and indulging in an orgy of sex and drugs.

The video will appeal to some, and perhaps not so much to others, as it glamorizes the hedonistic lifestyle often associated with the gay stereotype. It’s sure to cause a bit of controversy, but then again, controversy makes great publicity right?

Trust is available to download on iTunes now

Words Nick Verrell, @nickverrell

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