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O-M-G! When did Neville Longbottom get hot?

Neville is all grown up and looking fiiiine!

Remember that bowl-cut hair 'style'? It was quite something. So not the greatest start for a Hollywood hunk.But for Matthew Lewis, it seems his hunkiness was all coming along in due course.

Now he’s slimmed down, toned up and even those ears are now in proportion.

Matthew is starring as ammunition technician Gordon House in the BBC Three comedy Bluestone 42, which follows a fictional bomb disposal squad in Afghanistan. Matthew regularly gets his shirt off in the hit – and thank goodness for it!

This is totally our new fave show. Like, totally. Those Potter re-runs will never look the same again.

Check him out in the show's trailer here:

Thank you, lord.

Words Nathan Genese, Benjamin Butterworth

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