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Review: Meow Meow

The Aussie cabaret star comes to Wonderground

Australian cabaret star Meow Meow has arrived in London. She forgot her dresses, and she couldn't quite afford the Albert Hall. But nevertheless, she's here, and she's out to make an impression.

The show is hosted in the big top of the Wonderground festival's Southbank base. For an artist that's sold thousands of tickets from Sydney to Shanghai, New York and London's West End, she wasn't so sure Wonderground was quite her height of fame. "It's off off off off Broadway… It's essentially camping. I'm in a tent under a railway line next to a giant purple cow."

In reality, this London spot is prestigious for bringing quirky and alternative acts to the London theatre scene. Meow Meow's mix of classic songs by the likes of Jacques Brel, alongside contemporary roarers by Radiohead makes for an unmissable night of mixed cabaret.

This Aussie girl's talent is immense. She sings like a 50s diva, cracks jokes like a seasoned comic and has a husky charisma so alluring that it takes all of half an opening song to get the audience lapping her up. Meow Meow is a must-see: all singing, all joking, all fabulous night of cabaret.

GT gives it: 4 Stars

Until 8 June. Visit the London Wonderground website for ticket information.

Words: Benjamin Butterworth, @benjaminbutter

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