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Adore Delano has a new single

Adore Delano’s got a new single out, and it’s right up our alley

We love Adore Delano. Reigning skank queen of Los Angeles, she’s got a phallically foul mouth and a back-combed weave that’d make Ke$ha want to go to The Body Shop and buy some smellies and take a lovely aromatic bath. Adore’s idea of a quaint first date is deepthroating a hotdog in the Sunset Strip’s greasiest greasy spoon, followed by a strawberry vodka milkshake and angry sex in the cheapest room at the Muthafucka Motel (we don’t know if that exists. It might do. We made it up).

Hot on the heels of her heinously over the top stint on the latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Adore has stopped gluing her eyebrows and storming around Taco Bell for long enough to release her debut single, DTF.

In case any of you were wondering, DTF doesn’t stand for, like, Dog Training Facility or Delano’s Tupperware Factory. It stands for Down To Fuck. Yeah. That’s right. Down. To. Fuck. #DTF. Sound-wise, it’s like if Fergie, Brooke Candy, Diplo and Dr Dre all got wasted on Cherry Sourz and stumbled around the recording studio for three hours, singing and occasionally pressing buttons. E.g. amazing.

It really is though. Usually the sonorous offerings of ex-RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants fall into two categories; so crap that they’re funny, or so crap that they’re just crap. DTF is different. Much like Adore Delano herself, it’s infectious, fun and absolute filth. The beat is gleefully grimy, bolstered by confident and deliciously breathy vocals. The video’s effortlessly cool too. Adore is hoop-earringed to the hilt, and it’s all grotty car parks, stressed denim and sweaty forearm hair. Greasy launderette chic. We were half expecting Yo-Landi Vi$$er to pop up from behind one of the washing machines, snarling whilst pouring a carton of Cillit Bang down her bra in sepia-hued slow motion.

Adore Delano is dangerous, delectable and DTF.

Words Dylan B Jones

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