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Happy birthday! Tom Daley turns 20 and talks to GT

We compiled Tom's hottest pics on his special day...

Tom Daley. Two words guaranteed to get any gay man's blood flowing. Today the diving dynamo turns 20 – so, obviously, we're celebrating by looking at some of his hottest pics.

OH Tom

But that's not all. Tom gave an exclusive interview to GT in our May issue, which we're giving you a good flavour of for free as a birthday treat!

You were away for eight weeks – how did you cope with homesickness and missing your family and boyfriend Dustin?
In Thailand there was a moment when we did get homesick, but we were so busy doing so many different things it was kind of hard to think about home. And we could get Wi-Fi literally anywhere – we even got it in the middle of the rainforest in Thailand so there was the opportunity to FaceTime.

Are you now an action man?
A sky dive was something I’ve wanted to do all of my life, so when I jumped out of that plane, it was so exhilarating. A bungee jump was something I dreamed of doing and I loved every second of that too. It was scary but it was a ‘fun’ scary. In fact every challenge that I shouldn’t have liked, I loved. It got my heart going.

You’re a well-groomed man – how did you cope without styling products and living out of a backpack?
As we move on further into the series, you’ll see by the time New Zealand came around, I looked like I’d been living rough on the streets. My hair was tattered, and I had a beard. I enjoyed letting myself go for a few weeks and by living out of a backpack, there was not much we could take with us.

Are you looking forward to competing again in London’s Aquatics Centre, where you won a bronze medal during 2012 The Olympics?
I compete on April 27 so I’m really excited for that, it’s going to be great fun in front of a home crowd. I came fourth in Dubai in March which was frustrating because I could have won but I messed up one of my dives. Hopefully I’ll be able to take it to the next level in London.

Did you find that your ‘coming out’ video make you more recognizable internationally?
Well, the YouTube video hadn’t come out at that point because we filmed this in July and August last year. But there were lots of British people in New Zealand so they took a lot of photos of me.

Oh. Speaking of Tom's videos...

Words Benjamin Butterworth, @benjaminbutter

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