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Interview: Dominique Young Unique

Forget your Azealias and your Azaleas, there’s a new gurl in town and she’s throwing it DOWN. D-d-d-d-d-oww(n)...

Dominique Young Uniue is not laughing with you, she’s laughing at you. And probably at our quickfire questions...

Coming from Tampa and working in their studio, did you ever record with Yo Majesty? Are you in touch with the girls?

No, I'm not actually considering how close we are! I guess the reason I've never recorded with them though is we are all doing our own things.

Any tips for causing an Assquake?

Just shake your ass as hard as you can...But make sure you have a lil ass back there so it can jiggle ;)

What would your Kick Ass superhero power be?

Big fire balls coming from the middle of my hands... Like if any bitch ever made me mad I could just hold out my hand and say "FIRE" and it would just blow the bitch's whole body up and leave her shoes in sight haha

What’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done?

Think that's too rude...

Let’s watch your video for Throw It Down, which we LOVE.

We think it’s really funny, is it meant to be a piss take of certain hyper sexualised pop videos, or is it more of a homage?

Awww, thanks...Well I just wanted to be unique, I wanted male dancers twerking and no woman dancers as everyone always has them. And those dudes can Twerk!

Your new stuff is much slicker and has more of a “pop” production, is that simply who you’ve been working with? Are you gunning for chart domination?

Yes I'm coming....I been working with a lot of people and trust me, everything that's come so far is just the start...

Dominique Young Unique’s single Throw It Down is out now.

Words Bob Henderson, @bobchicalors

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