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BBC is about to release six new comedy shorts exclusive to iPlayer

They'll feature comedy giants like Reece Shearsmith, Frankie Boyle and Micky Flanagan...

The BBC is about to unveil six new comedy shorts - exclusive to iPlayer - featuring comedy giants such as Reece Shearsmith, Frankie Boyle and Micky Flanagan. Varying in length, style and content, the one-off episodes are quirky little pieces of work which are certain to cause a few titters on the iPads of commuters when they're released on 1st June.

Their intention is to offer unrestricted creative freedom and authorship amongst leading talent and new writers, whilst reinventing iPlayer as a platform for exciting new content – the 'go to' source for quality entertainment on the web.

It would be easy to question whether this iPlayer mini-series marks a shift in the way BBC will provide the majority of their content in the future – we're all aware of the success of Netflix and other services that provide shows as and when the viewer wants it, rather than traditional 'linear' broadcasting – BUT it's much more interesting to discuss the content of these excellent sketches. For example, Reece Shearsmith in a curly wig as a 1930's slapstick doctor, measuring Sally Phillip's shrunken leg (the brainchild of Bob Mortimer, who wrote the sketch in 1996 but never found the right platform for it)....what's not to love? It's also impressive to learn that each 'short' is filmed in one single day, to ensure that the biggest comedy names can commit to the project without it burning a hole in their diaries... cunning!

With a combined running time of approximately 30 minutes, they're ideal for a trip into work and well worth checking out. Maybe start with the WONDERFUL short from comedian and impersonator Morgana (with an impression of Miley Cyrus that is both hilarious and startlingly life-like) and finish on silver-tongued Matt Berry's 'The Lone Wolf', which is just genius on every level. With comedy being one of the most subjective forms of entertainment, this set of six has something for everyone.

It's exciting to see the BBC facing up to their competitors in regard to new online content. These star-studded works are testament to their vision of iPlayer's exciting future and, with any luck, maybe there'll be another set of six in the pipeline.

Words Matt Crockett

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