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Pepsi scores big with new compilation album

Football, Pepsi Max, and a bunch of musical superstars…

Never did we expect a combination of the like, but here it is, Pepsi have announced the release of Beats of the Beautiful Game, an album featuring a ton of musical acts from across the world.

Contributors to the album include Rita Ora, Janelle Monae and Destiny’s Child’s self-proclaimed ‘second lead vocalist’, Kelly Rowland. Alongside each of the 11 songs will be a short film, or ‘filmtrack’ as they’re being called, which will celebrate the sounds and spirit of football.

Every week, Pepsi MAX will release a song off the album as a single on iTunes, and the filmtrack that accompanies it will be premiered the same day on Pepsi's official website.

Amongst these tracks is the Switch Remix of Rita Ora’s recent hit, I Will Never Let You Down. Check out the laidback, house version of the song, pour a cocktail, and go sunbathe.

Beats of the Beautiful Game is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

Words Nick Verrell, @nickverrell

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