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Ophiuchus Cube – Book 1.

Fans of science fiction are in for a treat as gay author Hendrik de Jong has just published his latest sci-fi novel entitled Ophiuchus Cube

Pronounced [of-ee-yoo-kuh s] [kyoob], and named after the 13th Zodiac Sign; also known as the Serpent Bearer, Ophiuchus Cube imagines an apocalyptic future on earth, when billions of the planet’s inhabitants are wiped out after a mysterious cube falls to earth, causing chaos and the breakdown of society as we know it.

Questions arise over the nature of the Cube. Is it friend or foe? Who sent the Cube and for what purpose? Where and when will it attack next? Will the Cube leave or will it stay?

A plethora of unsavoury characters inhabit the pages of the novel, including a religious fanatic in London with a perverted mind and diabolic ideas who’s working towards reshaping the future.

But help is at hand, as three individuals – reluctant Rick, courageous Martin and autistic genius Thomas decide to grapple with unlocking the mysteries of the Cube with the goal of saving mankind.

But it’s a race against time, and a shocking revelation forces everyone on Earth to choose.

What makes Hendrik’s novel so unique, is the way in which he incorporates gay characters into the storyline so Ophiuchus Cube becomes an essential read not only for sci-fi fans, but for fans of gay literature as well.

As Hendrik says: “The characters in my novel react in all types of ways. They have to rethink their lives and make hard and difficult choices that affect not only their own lives; but of others too. For many the choice is about giving everything up to start new. For some it is the only chance for freedom.”

So what else can readers expect from this sensational novel?

Love stories, births, deaths, spying and fighting.

Charting its course through such fiercely hot topics as science versus religion, government control versus freedom, sexuality and relationships and telling lies and believing the truth, Ophiuchus Cube promises to be a riveting read for everyone who not only loves science fiction, but loves reading about interesting characters and how they develop.

The characters go on the most important journey of their lives, and you’ll be drawn in as well as you follow them on their quest.

All in all, Ophiuchus Cube is a brilliantly written story for everyone to enjoy!

On sale now as a paperback and e-book at: Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Nobles and Smashwords.

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For more information and a free preview, visit: Ophiuchus Cube

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