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GT asks Angelina Jolie about the drag of Maleficent

Turns out she’s not seen Drag Race….

Last week we asked Angelina Jolie about drag queens. As you do, all in a days work etc etc. But come on, you just KNOW that guys are going to be rocking her Maleficent look for EVER now...

Disney villains are well loved by the gay community - how do you feel about forever being an inspiration to drag queens thanks to this role?

[Laughs and looks absolutely delighted] “Thrilled! I would be thrilled if it’s embraced by the drag queens. I think we both - I think we ALL - share a love of this kind of costume, I’m with them.”

And if you had to choose a song to lip-synch for your life to, what would it be?

[Rumbling Maleficent for not being a Drag Race viewer…] “A song to lip-synch? It would definitely be a Queen song, I just couldn’t pick one at this moment. It would definitely be Freddie Mercury…”

Loves drag queens AND Queen? LOVE. HER.

Oh, and Maleficent looks amazing of course.

Maleficent is in cinemas from 28 May.

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