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Erasure's Andy Bell announces ANOTHER new solo album

That's the second one in two days, for those keeping score at home...

Andy Bell albums are like buses... you wait ages for one, and then two come at once.

Yesterday we announced the Erasure legend's third solo album iPop will be released this month, and now he's only gone and bloody followed it up with the announcement of a fourth album – Torsten The Bareback Saint – which is out on 28 July.

The 22-track album tells the stories of semi-immortal polysexual Torsten, cursed to love many and get close to none, as his age-defying nature condemns him to watch his friends and lovers grow old and die. Yes, it's a concept album, and a heavy one at that.

"The songs are like a set of lyrical postcards from the hotspots of memory," explains Andy. "Torsten is a semi-immortal polysexual sensualist and I love playing him.

"It's the most challenging role of my career so far."

Andy will also be performing the album exclusively from 5 August until 16 August at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Torsten The Bareback Saint will be released on 28 July. For more, visit

Words Ryan Butcher, @ryanjohnbutcher

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