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Watch: Shakira - Dare (La La La)

Say hello to your new Friday night anthem.

Shakira has just released the video for her latest single Dare (La La La), and we’re already hooked.

In true Shakira style, it’s a dance number, and it’s going to break the replay button on YouTube. We’re not actually sure if we love it, or whether it’s just so annoyingly catchy that it’s stuck in our heads. That being said, we can dance to it, so that’s always a plus.

We can’t fault the singer herself though, as usual she looks flawless, and her hips still don’t lie. Have a watch and maybe you’ll find yourself in the same conundrum as us. Love, hate, or maybe even both? It’s a tough one.

Dare (La La La) is available on iTunes now.

Words Nick Verrell, @nickverrell

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