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Mister BnB

Looking for somewhere to stay that's affordable? Mister BnB has the answer.

Pride season is upon us, circuit parties are in full swing, and escaping to a sun drenched location is on everyone’s mind! With all the gay events like Circuit Festival Barcelona, the destinations easily choose themselves, but ‘where do we sleep?’ is the more challenging question. Budget and chain hotels are over-priced for what is offered, and let’s face it, just won’t do. And those cute boutique hotels might be in great locations, but are shockingly expensive.

There are apartment vacation rental sites in abundance. However, there is a new platform connecting gay travellers with gay (friendly) hosts, internationally, and that is called removes the awkwardness of having to explain that your ‘friend’ will actually be sharing a bed with you. All profiles are validated by the Misterbnb team, which gives comfort when planning your accommodations at so called gay spots.

And more importantly, why not get the best insider tips from a local gay guy - where to eat, where to drink, where to shop, where to dance, etc. Get the best advice from someone who knows the scene. Misterbnb have just celebrated their first anniversary, and as a new company already have a strong presence with 5,000 accommodations in 65 countries. Log in today and try the misterbnb experience.

Find out more here: Misterbnb

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