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Watch: Latest episode of Steam Room Stories

Tom Daley and "gay face" go under the microscope in this new episode...

The newest episode of Steam Room Stories is getting straight to the point. Sort-of. In this brand new episode we see the boys discuss Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black.

It seems Daley's recent outing didn't leave the SRS boys all too shocked, claiming that there's no hiding from what's been right in front of us all this time – "gay face".

The boys discuss celebrities whose sexuality is given away by facial features that combine to make said gay face.

Whether the theory has any truth behind it is another story – but its not going to stop us looking at our favourite stars with egar eyes.

In true SRS style the sketch delivers the laughs right away, so whether its legs, bums, abs or even a kind chin, there really isn’t anything these boys aren’t hungry for.

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Words Alex Mansfield

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