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Watch: Trailer for new gay film The 10 Year Plan

The new film from JC Calciano is set for release early next year...

How many of us after growing bored of browsing the single market, made that dreaded vow to marry our best friends, if we're still single at the age of 35?

Well, now all of us – regardless of our relationship status – can laugh, cry and drool watching the complexities unfold of what that really means.

The 10 Year Plan is a new film by the award-winning filmmaker JC Calciano, and looks to become a hit after its premiere at the Boston LGBT film festival.

The romantic comedy tells the story of Myles (Jack Turner) and Brody (Michael Adam Hamilton) in their desperate attempts in avoiding becoming each other's last resorts.

The new film offers an interesting and heart warming story line, and for those still not convinced, there's also plenty of half naked guys to grab your attention, if nothing else. Watch the trailer below!

The 10 Year Plan will be released early 2015, with a date TBC. For more, visit

Words Alex Mansfield

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