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Bucks Fizz legend in slightly camp shocker

Skirt-ripping Eurovision legend, Jay Aston (she of original Bucks Fizz line-up - and no, we’re not sure what the ‘official’ line-up is now) (Don’t write in, thanks) is back, back, BACK!

It’s not her first stab at solo material, but her just-a-tad-camp new single, True Love, is part Edina Monsoon, part Lily Allen.

We particularly like the ironing homage to Kylie’s What Do I Have To Do video (possibly not intentional) and, of course, the gratuitous beefy shirtless man. It’s like she knows us or something...

You can pre-order the single here. And take a look at her official website.

Shall we put a fiver on the meter?

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