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Alternatives: Pleasure Lab

This body movement/physical theatre-inspired class made us feel like a million bucks

You know those times where all the ridiculousness of work and daily life start to subtly (or sometimes not so subtly) take their toll? It’s easy to get use to those physical and mental stresses or strains and become increasingly detached from what your body, mind and heart actually crave. To get that feeling of release and reconnection to calm it’s easy to turn to a bottle of “on offer” wine, or other stimulants and relaxants to get in touch with that inner happy.

We decided to take a look at some natural alternatives to satisfy the need for down time in our spare time. One that caught our eye was Yorgos Karamalegos’ Pleasure lab workshop, which offers group sessions on learning how to listen and connect to your body, discover the power of your voice and feel comfortable in your own skin.

It’s a physical but fun three hours which definitely requires you to leave your social barriers at the door, and open your mind and heart to something new. But it certainly rewards by the end of the session, serving up the promised body connection and delivering on that elusive beast called happiness in spades.

Through a series of movements, dancing, games and both individual and group exercises, you learn to get in touch with how every part of your body feels and devote time to thinking what you really want in that moment and out of life. If there’s any luvvies in the house, it’s very much like a physical theatre class, used to unlock creativity, but is slightly broadened here to unlock inner calm, intelligence and happiness. All we know is that, after a long and stressful day at the office, we felt absolutely renewed by the end. It’s not gym intensive, but we were still thankful of the tea break in the middle.

Yorgos has been teaching physical theatre classes for 12 years and offers these classes around the world. If it all sounds a bit “trippy hippy” to you, we highly recommend giving it a go; opening your mind, meeting new people and trying something different.

The next Pleasure Lab workshop in the UK is a one especially for gay men, in London on Friday 9 May. There’s also a session in Paris on Friday 2 May. For full details see the website.

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