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Listen: Wrathschild's debut single Fall Into Love

Who doesn’t love a bit of glittery pop to brighten up a cloudy spring day?

Combining the musical talents of previous solo artists, Simon Curtis and Ro Danishei, Wrathschild is born, and with it comes the debut single Fall Into Love.

A sparkly pop-gem that fuses the duo’s voices in a perfect blend, and chucks in some cheesy lyrics that make it, (dare we say it?) quite a cute song. Think Alphabeat, but with a tribal-style break in the middle. Plus, Simon is way hotter than their male vocalist, Anders SG.

The song has already been well received, being featured on websites for both Billboard and Time. Wrathschild even got a shout out on Twitter from Colton Haynes, the hottie currently starring in the TV series Arrow.

Despite their individual success, both Curtis and Danishei have yet to break into mainstream recognition. However, that could be about to change with Fall Into Love, and its simple, yet infectious melody.

Check out the music video too, sure it’s a little bit childish, but it’s also really colourful and matches the song perfectly. We’re not entirely sure about that Onesie though Simon…

Fall Into Love is available on iTunes now.

Words Nick Verrell, @nickverrell

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