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GT's top ten things about Mean Girls

To mark ten years of the film, we count down its fetchest moments...

April 30 marks the 10-year anniversary of Mean Girls, a favourite film of gays and girls everywhere. We at GT want to celebrate what we believe is the ultimate teen flick of the noughties by giving you a run-down of the fetchest things about it.

We don't like to think it's a coincidence that the anniversary falls on a Wednesday, so grab your pinkest shirt, pop in your Mean Girls DVD and have a jolly good old time, but don't forget: beware of the Plastics.

Lindsay Lohan

Pre-botox and sex list Lindsay was one of the hottest commodities in Hollywood, and rightly so. In Mean Girls she portrayed one of the most recognisable teen characters of all time and she's actually bloody good. Actually, correction, she's totally grool.

Mean Girls

Regina George

Queen Bee extraordinaire and idol of so many. If it wasn’t for her and the Plastics then there would be no Mean Girls, an unimaginable existence, we know. Some of the films best scenes centre around Regina, and whether it’s her cranberry juice diet, rapid weight gain or neck brace – we love her just the way she is.

Mean Girls

The Burn Book

Honestly, who wasn’t tempted to make a burn book after seeing the movie for the first time? The insults and captions are so bonkers they exceed perfection. Made out with a hot dog? We've all been there. Wide set vagina and a heavy flow? Not so much.

Mean Girls

Glen Coco

Glen is the unseen, unsung hero of the film. ‘Four for you Glen Coco’ is a phrase that makes a daily outing for any Mean Girls fanatic, GT included. He's also inspired a range of clothing that feature the quote on too. Glen Coco: Trendsetter.

Mean Girls

The Winter Talent Show performance

This scene is a sensory overload, in the best way possible. Those PVC costumes, the thigh slapping and Lindsay Lohan's singing voice giving us flashbacks of her solo career. It's an iconic moment in cinematic history, well, for us anyway.

Mean Girls

Regina’s Mom

Regina's mom isn't just any mom, she's a cool mom. Who else could deliver hump day cocktails, sport a rock hard rack, provide condoms in such a flawless manner and do the Jingle Bell Rock choreography better than the plastics? Mrs. George, we salute you.

Mean Girls


Gretchen's catchphrase may not have been real slang from England at the time of the film's release, but it is now. We can't help but love desperate to please Miss. Wieners, so we're sorry to burst your bubble Regina, but fetch totally happened.

Mean Girls

Aaron Samuels

Those thick, manly eyebrows, that killer smile and pristine hair. Aaron is a total dreamboat, and yes, your hair looks sexy pushed back. Oh, and we definitely didn't once dream about him in his jock costume from the Halloween party. Honestly.

Mean Girls

Four-way phone call

The group phone call scene is one of our personal favourites and dim-witted Karen really makes it for us. Who here hasn't utilised her feeble cough-cough-I'm-Sick? That's right, none of us. We've all done it because it's iconic. Thank you Karen Smith.

Mean Girls

Janis and Damien

Last but not by no means least, Janis and Damien. They are the lovable social rejects and all-around trouble makers that take the 'home schooled jungle freak' under their wing. They are also the driving factors behind Cady's master plan of infiltrating the plastics. Oh, and the use of Keltine bars and foot cream on Regina's face? They're evil geniuses too!

Mean Girls

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Words Perry Juby, @perryjuby

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