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Interview: Ninsun Poli

She's releasing her new EP Breaking Rules next week...

We sat down with Swedish siren Ninsun Poli for a good old chin wag about the release of her new EP, Breaking Rules.

The powerful singer is set to explode this year with her catchy tunes and uber-cool style. We reckon she’s definitely one to watch...

You’re about to release your new EP – Breaking Rules. How would you describe its sound? What’s the response to Breaking Rules been like so far?

It’s a very organic, raw sound I guess. So far it’s been good, I think people seem to enjoy it. It’s hard to say.

We’re big fans of Do It, do you have a favourite song off the EP? 

That’s a hard one, I think right now Breaking Rules is actually my favourite.

What are your goals for the EP? What would be the benchmark of success, for you? What do you want to achieve?

I don’t have any limits so as far as it can go I want it to. That’s what I’m hoping for.

It’s been ten years since your first EP For Real… how would you say you’ve evolved and changed since then? And what do you think has influenced any changes?

My music has completely changed! Its really changed with me: I’ve changed, I’ve grown, I’ve been through stuff and life has happened and you can really hear that in the music. It’s very very different from what I used to do.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Which artists have had the biggest influence on your work?

I listen to so much different music so I can’t pick one but I’m more inspired by people around me really, like family. But of course music inspires me as well. I listen a lot of music from Coldplay to Jay Z and the Gossip. I’m into a big mix of music. When I was a little girl my biggest idol was Mariah Carey! I loved New Kids on the Block too.

How does the Swedish music scene compare to that over here in the UK?

That’s a hard one. It feels like Swedish music is, I’m not sure if this is the right word, but its more ‘clean-pop’.

Are you enjoying your time in the UK?

I love being in the UK and I hope there’ll be more opportunities for me to perform here. I feel like there’s a place for my music here, definitely. I’ve just done my first UK gig on Vintage TV. It was amazing, it was a different setting and its on TV so its not the same as a live gig but I really enjoyed it.

When you’re playing live in front of a crowd the energy which the audience gives you is very important, you can build up from that. I’ve been performing since I was a little girl. I went to choir when I was little too so the stage feels very much like home to me.

Is there anywhere in the UK that you’d really love to play?

I don’t know of too many festivals. Just being here in the UK is great, getting to play anywhere is amazing. I’m playing at the Great Escape and that feels really cool.

What do you think of your gay fan base? Is it something you’ve recognised?

I love any type of audience. So it’s very very exciting to me.

Ninsun Poli will release Breaking Rules on 28 April in the UK. For more info, visit, @NinsunPoli

Words Francesca McPherson

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