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Interview: Atomic Kitten

Their arena tour has been cancelled... so here's our interview that would've been...

Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and gays go awry... we were all set to bring you a gay press exclusive interview with everyone's favourite all-girl three-piece Atomic Kitten in our next issue. Unfortunately, their big arena tour at the end of this year with All Saints, East 17, Big Brovaz et al has been cancelled.

So, gentlemen, read a snippet from our chat with the girls with a tear in your eye and think about what could've been... here's hoping this won't be the last we see of their reunion.


We’re reunited with the original three piece for the first time since 2003, and a heavily pregnant Kerry Katona is ready to drop. While the rest of the band are jokingly calling Kerry’s Baby “Wilhelmina”, it’s impossible to sit with her, Natasha Hamilton and Liz McClarnon and not feel like an honorary fourth kitten.

The girls have always been down with teh geys, as Liz observes on our relationship with them, “I think it was the gay community that made Atomic Kitten, absolutely without a shadow of a doubt. 100%”. That’s why we met them over All Saints, who they’re touring with this year.

“I don’t know how long our set’s gonna be on the…” Natasha says while grabbing and scanning a nearby piece of paper “Another Time Another Place tour.” And the girls burst out laughing. Slick.

“...but it would be good to throw a new song in. Or two!”

It will still be classic Kitten as they’re sticking to dance routines, and fearlessly fun girlypop.

“If we were to make new music there would be a more mature sound to it, but fundamentally - bloody hell we’re three loons really” says Natasha. Kerry sums up the entire Atomic Kitten ethos and experience in her usual throwaway style, “basically, sweet Northern lasses having a laff.”

Words Bob Henderson, @bobchicalors

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