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Most promising gay dating App of 2014 hits UK

Give a warm welcome to Lavendr - the latest gay App to hit the UK market

Too busy to date? You aren’t alone. That’s where Lavendr comes in. This trend-setting mobile app, now available in the App Store or Google Play, literally puts hundreds of eligible gay men right at your fingertips, while giving you access to many cool features competing dating Apps just don’t offer.

“I used to dedicate hours to online dating sites, but I just don’t have that much time anymore,” says Adam S., a satisfied Lavendr user. “It’s easier for me to flip through profiles on my phone. Lavendr shows me guys I might be interested in and allows me to connect right away.”

Hook up with a potential Friday night date this afternoon or play the field and see who’s out there with Lavendr. The app combines all the latest cutting-edge social technologies into one easy-to-use package. Lavendr offers everything from real-time encounters to video profiles. The snapshot share feature lets you send a guy you’re interested in an enticing photo of you that will linger on his screen for a few seconds before vanishing.

Lavendr has been getting rave reviews in the cities where it’s already launched, with many users giving the app five out of five stars. “Easy to use, no glitches and so many features,” gushes one review, while others point to the aesthetically pleasing interface and great customer support. “They have a nice community here -- hot guys everywhere,” says Volf.

Martin Stava, a lead developer at uLikeIT, the brains behind Lavendr, understands that security and privacy are so important these days. “Lavendr users don’t have to worry,” he says. “We use the most up-to-date security measures on the market today to guarantee your data stays private.”

Check out all of Lavendr’s cool features by downloading the app at or search for “Lavendr” on your phone. The app is available on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.

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