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Chris Lilley's Jonah In Tonga to premiere on BBC iPlayer

Following the success of Ja'mie Private School Girl, Chris Lilley makes an announcement about his latest venture.

Today the BBC announced that the summer spotlight will be on Australia ahead of Chris Lilley’s latest venture Jonah In Tonga.

The Australian actor has announced that his latest series will air in its entirety on iPlayer before hitting BBC Three in May.

Following the success of Ja’mie Private School Girl in the UK, Chris Lilley has decided to premiere every episode of Jonah in Tonga on BBC iPlayer for 48 hours only, commencing 2 May.

Jonah In Tonga centers around 14-year-old rebel Jonah Takalua (played by Chris Lilley), who first appeared in Summer Heights High along with the iconic and divine Ja’mie King. When we last saw Jonah he was wreaking havoc as always, which led to him being banished to his native Tonga by his father. Here, despite being the new kid on the block at Holy Cross, a Catholic school, Jonah immediately makes his mark.

Made up of six episodes, Jonah In Tonga makes history as being the first time an entire series has premiered ahead of it’s air date, and the BBC are aiming to create an “online TV event” with an international broadcaster, in this case ABC Australia’s internet TV service iView.

Chris Lilley, the writer and star of the series, says “It’s a really addictive show, so giving people the chance to watch the whole thing all at once is really exciting for me.” And if the success and sheer brilliance of Ja’mie Private School Girl is anything to go by, it will make for unforgettable TV.

Jonah in Tonga premieres on BBC iPlayer from 2 May for 48 hours, before airing on BBC3 weekly from 8 May.

Words Perry Juby @perryjuby

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