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Watch: The latest episode of Steam Room Stories

The web series sensations are getting us into the Easter mood...

The sun is (sort-of) shining, a long weekend is approaching and – following the release of the latest Steam Room Stories – we're suddenly very much in the, ahem, mood.

We’ve never been ones to get too excited over chocolate eggs, especially with summer holidays approaching and abs like Zac Efron’s to achieve, but hot men in towels and bunny ears are enough to push us over the edge and in to the Easter spirit.

The most recent episode of Steam Room Stories has hatched just in time for the long weekend and it’s more than just a little risqué. Featuring four super hot men in towels, an appearance from something long, pink and fluffy (the bunny ears, obviously) and the tantalising question of ‘your rabbit hole or mine?’ – it’s a corker. Watch below.

Steam Room Stories has become a YouTube institution, boasting over 100 bite-size 2 minute long sketches, all set in the comfort of a gay men’s steam room. Since it’s debut in 2010, the channel now boasts more than 50,000 subscribers, an enormous 21.3 million views and is also available to buy on DVD.

To view the latest episode and more, visit

Words Perry Juby @perryjuby

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