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Listen: Mike Munich's Sexercise 2.0

The former GT model takes on one of Kylie's latest singles...

Kylie Minogue fan? Check. Attracted to beautiful men? Check. Like watching said men getting sweaty and dancing around in not a lot of clothes? Well, gentlemen and more flamboyant gentlemen, step right this way.

Former GT model Mike Munich has released his own twist on one of Kylie's newest singles Sexercise – but with a hyper-masculine twist. In the past, we've described his sound as a delicious slice of catchy electro-pop, something along the lines of Robyn meets Natalia Kills. And this sultry cover of Miss Minogue only cements that critique further.

But come on, we don't think you need us to waffle on with an in-depth analysis for this one. Just watch the video, sit back, and enjoy. The perfect tonic to get you over, ahem, hump day.

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Words Ryan Butcher, @ryanjohnbutcher

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